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During Work Session, the City Council will review applications to fill the vacant City Council Position #4. In addition, Council will provide direction on which candidates it may choose to interview on February 19th and March 5th (if needed).


Special Issues

The application period will remain open until February 1st. Staff will update the packet materials with a full list of applications after the close of the application period.


Meeting History

Feb 5, 2019 6:00 PM Media Mayor and City Council Work Session

The City received 15 eligible applications for City Councilor. Mayor Ellis described the process and how he would like to narrow down the number of applicants for interviews. Tally sheets were passed around to all members of the City Council to review which candidates they would like to move forward. An applicant needed 3 ‘yes’ votes to move to the interview stage of the process. Mayor Ellis hoped to have no more than 5 applicants to interview during Work Session on February 19th, or March 5th if necessary.

Once all tally sheets were returned, Mr. Tuck tallied up the 'yes' and 'no' votes. Mr. Bryant confirmed the count. The City Council decided to interview all applicants that scored 3 or 4 ‘yes’ votes. They also discussed asking each candidates the same set of questions, potentially 5 from the application. Councilor Golobay asked if it was permissible to look at attendance records for those existing committee members. The City Council agreed to look at attendance records for the last year.

Staff read the names of those who would be interviewed: Ana Sarish, David Emami, Jennifer Brownlee, Jodi Bailey, Joshua Callahan and Michael Morrow.

Mr. Tuck asked the City Council for feedback on the questions already asked of applicants, noting that follow up questions will be allowed by Councilors. The City Council decided to schedule as many interviews on the 19th, but would offer March 5th as an alternate date for those unavailable.