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Rotary All Abilities Playground Project


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Staff has been working with the Rotary Club of Clackamas for the last several months on plans for an all abilities playground for Happy Valley Park. Rotary is still in the funding stages of this project but is getting closer to finalizing the project details. Estimates have been provided and it appears that the park could be built for 80k. Rotary has already secured 65k for this effort.


Moving forward the group is planning to go out for donations to bridge the funding gap. A naming and donation proposal has been submitted that will require some direction from City Council. Rotary is tentatively proposing the following process.


·              Naming rights $10,000

·              Equipment naming $5,000

·              Bench naming $2,500

·              Major donor $1,000

·              Brick donor $100

·              Friends of the park $1-$99


Currently, Rotary has a local family that has contributed 10k towards this project. They are currently planning to name the Park (Fuller All Abilities Park). If an additional donor is secured, then the plan would be to include the following: (Fuller/Additional Name All Abilities Park).


In order to move forward staff needs direction from Council on a few items. First, does Council support the project as presented by Rotary? Second, does Council support the naming proposal or would an alternative be accepted? An alternative naming proposal is to have a plaque that says "Rotary All Abilities Park provided by generous donations from Fuller, Name, Name" etc. Detail of the exact language would need to be worked out.


Special Issues

Rotary is planning to meet with both the Parks Advisory Committee and the City Council with a proposal for the project once final details are confirmed.


Financial Impact

Staff is planning to provide excavation, curbing and construction assistance during this project. The estimated cost of this work is 15k.



1)              Move forward with this Rotary project that will bring an 80k all abilities playground to Happy Valley Park.

2)              Agree to the naming proposal allowing the Rotary Club to continue to fundraise for the overall project.


Meeting History

Feb 5, 2019 6:00 PM Media Mayor and City Council Work Session

Mr. Tuck provided background on the Rotary’s work to fundraise for an all abilities playground in the Happy Valley Park. They have secured $65k for equipment, but would like to reach out to the broader community soon. Mr. Tuck asked for input on whether the City Council wanted this project done in the park.

Mr. Tuck further explained that the Rotary wanted to name the park after their main donor, but the decision delves into facility naming, which the City does not have a policy for right now. For this reason, he suggested the park be called All Abilities Park, with a note that it was brought by the Rotary and listed donors.

Mr. Randall provided more background on the history of the project. Mr. Tuck asked for direction from the City Council to determine whether this was the right path, all nodded in agreement.